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Related article: Date : Tue, September 16, 2003 July 13 15 -0700 ( PDT ) From: c. e. Jordan u003ccarlosio5 yahoo. com u003e Subject: BROOKLYN BLUES: Shawn Tyson - PART 4 c. e. Jordan zedzero5 hotmail. com u003e previous episode : ", wait until Ty... uh, uh, you can stay with me tonight the mother of my \\ \\ s do not care, right? you probably will not even go here, " " be time... I dun... my mother almost never leaves me these things... but then, are right next door, so I do not know... but I'll ask, okay ? " "Great! not forget ! " n " Oh, no, I will not forget," said Tyson, unconsciously falling into n his British accent very well, laugh Shawn. _____________________ BROOKLYN BLUES: Shawn Tyson PART 4 "mom.. uh... I can stay tonight with Shawn Then you not have to Mrs. Dilly.. take care of me I have to pay a babysitter somehow " Judith, his mother, still wearing only underwear, carefully color champagne Lolitas Nymphets No set dress in bed: "Honey,Do not forget.... Du n're still only twelve, "he said, Ty was for a time through the clothes, it diverts the flow of sensitive tissue, small things like a small bright shining constellation Star n trapped in its folds. her mother paused and turned to him. " Hmm, how long have you and the child becomes good friends as well ? " " when I go through the mail we talk sometimes... He is very good mom. " " Now... "Said Judith, " perhaps you are stuck in this house of even a bit too... and from what I can... Shawn not seems to be no problem here... " He spoke very softly omore n ^ o ^ to himself that his son. Then Tyson said," I have to talk n with his mother soon... Sure, this dream something is OK them? " " Yes, Mom. " Tyson Sat gently on the bed next to the dress. I could not stop short fingers on the sensitive material. Noted, from her mother with her ​​makeup and hair disheveled. Well, exactly that pakt Dark cherry red lipstick on the bow of her upper lip, and then return to the earth. She pursed her lips with a strong coup. Ty was always fascinated by the ritual transformation of the Counter mother day into something very different. that was asked how he sang in the Supper Club in Manhattan, where he spent three nights a week and plays the piano. He imagined it was like an old black and white film n. This would be well-dressed discreet romantic couples of wine glasses clinking in the background as the top of the warm sound his mother's voice filled the dark room... " Honey may Postal me please? " "Okay, Mom. " Although Ty slid the zipper, Judith says that Dilly woman on the phone : "What Sorry, so at the last minute in these his love, but it is not necessary to take Tyson around tonight, he stay with a friend. " Finally dress, her thin young mother suddenly seemed remote n of it, veryaway from his own life. She looked beautiful a distance as any pictures of celebrities and movie stars, who had been a in fashion magazines. It was difficult for him to think of this cool, glamorous creature like her mother. " Are you ready to go Ty? Now I have to go or I'm late. " N " No need to wait for my mom, I'm ready in minutes I'm right next door. " He laughed a little. " Oh... good lord little adults," he smiled, and made the hair through her ​​slender fingers, " just remember to close the door when n go, how OK? " And he was on his way, leaving only a vague trace of Gardenias.... Tyson ran to the window to see his mother, elegant, slide way through the courtyard and out the door of a waiting car. It was amused to see how it looked out of place in the environment down , and like everyone there stopped what they were doing to see, from his past. Tyson was almost ready to leave the ApartmENT when his phone rang. " Hey Ty, I just saw your mom Leavin '... man, it looks so good, only as Halle Berry... how is that not look right because ? " n "Err.. I... I... uh.... " Ty was at a loss for words. But Shawn was laughing. "I'm just kidding mousey " and with a soft voice, almost a whisper, he continued, "I can look like you. " " Oh... " Tyson was in the red, despite he was alone. His new girlfriend had is a way your breath... Always keeping it off balance. " So... is Ty? " " Yeah.. just my sleeping bag. " "What do you do that ? You sleep in my bed. All you need to wear your pajamas... that is, if you get 'em... do not Lolitas Nymphets know. " Tyson gave the impulse to ask what exactly was Shawn, as went to bed, ** * I found in fast enough, he thought own. " Well... I'll be there. 'll See. " **** To be continued....
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